Untold NYC History: The Splendid Brooklyn Bridge Park

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Spring has finally sprung! There are few better ways to spend a cool, NYC day than a trip to Brooklyn Bridge Park. It’s also a perfect time to dig into the park’s origins!

New York City has it’s fair share of parks, but few are as stunning as Brooklyn Bridge Park. Despite only being established in 2008, the lovely lawn has become a hot spot for tourists and locals alike. Spread out over Six Piers, there are activities and scenery that’s perfect for the whole family. Let’s take a closer look at how this wonderfully attractive Park came to be!

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Photo By: Ingfbruno

Brooklyn Bridge Port

Originally, the port at Brooklyn Bridge Park was used for trade. As early as 1642, ferries would transport goods in and out of the island. By the 17th Century it even gained the nickname “Road to the Ferry”! For the next hundred years it would serve as a port, a strategic location for George Washington and by the end of the 1800’s, home to a brand new bridge!

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Photo By: DumboNYC

The Brooklyn Bridge

To connect Brooklyn to Manhattan, a marvelous bridge was constructed! While it provided a much needed link between the two Burroughs, it also disrupted ferry traffic. With ships transporting goods even more regularly, this was a major inconvenience. To avoid any further problems, the city set fourth on creating piers beneath the bridge. These would make it easier for large cargo ships to move in and out without causing too many hiccups. The landscape below the bridge would continue to change for years and years.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Photo By: Raphael Isla


In 1984, large shipping operations below Brooklyn Bridge were stopped. By 2002, after years of attempting to make a park a reality, Mayor Bloomberg signed a Memorandum between New York City and New York State. This memorandum was a promise to see Brooklyn Bridge Park through to completion. Using various firms and the Park Service itself, to design the park and it’s features. What followed was a conversion of piers into activity hubs and the addition of land mass.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Photo By: Julienne Schaer

A New Park!

In 2010, sections of the Brooklyn Bridge Park started being open to the public. On a trip to the park, you can play basketball, have a barbecue and soon you’ll be able to go on a ferry ride! The Dumbo area park looks like it will only continue to grow into a New York City must see. Look out, Central Park!

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