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Lower Manhattan Tour

Explore the Oldest and Most Influential Streets in Lower Manhattan

Come with us and explore the oldest streets in New York City’s Lower Manhattan. You can stand where the first Dutch settlers traded with the Native Americans, swapping rifles for beaver pelts in what is now the Financial District. You’ll learn how Downtown Manhattan evolved from a lawless outpost at the edge of the world to the greatest city on Earth.

  • $ 35
    ($30 for children ages 4-12)

  • 9:00 am

  • 2 Hours

  • 20 Broad Street
    Out front


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Lower Manhattan Tour
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Accompany us on a 2-hour walking tour and…

  • Explore 400 years of New York history with our expert guides
  • Visit iconic landmarks like Federal Hall where George Washington became President
  • Hear incredible stories from American history, such as the Hamilton-Burr duel or the Race for the Sky
  • See the New York Stock Exchange, walk down Wall Street, and see the spot on the sidewalk where the stock market was born
  • Visit the 9/11 Memorial and the incredible man-made waterfalls of Reflecting Absence

How much walking is there on this tour?

There is approximately 2 miles of walking.

What happens if I am late and miss the group?

It is important to arrive at the tour starting location at least 10-15 minutes prior to the start time, as we do start the tour promptly. It would be unfair for the others if we need to wait for those that are late. We cannot guarantee you’ll be able to find your tour group if you are late.

Does the tour happen during the rain or snow?

We only cancel the tour during extreme weather conditions. Otherwise the tour goes on. Please check the weather report and be prepared.

What is the tipping or gratuities policy?

Tips are always appreciated by our guides, but never expected. They should be given if you believe your guide did an outstanding job, and further, if you as an individual want to demonstrate your appreciation to the guide for that job well done.

Is this tour included with a pass?

Yes, this tour is included with a pass. You’ll need to make a reservation with your credit card. No charges will apply IF you show up with a valid pass. You can cancel 48 hours prior to your tour without penalty. You can always reschedule your tour. This allows us to better manage our group size and make the tour experience better for you.

Important Restrictions

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early as the tour starts on time. You will not be able to catch up to the tour if late.
  • Just tell the guide your name. No need to print out the ticket or confirmation email.
  • ACTIVITY TAKES PLACE RAIN OR SHINE: The activity runs regardless of weather conditions. In the rare situation where the seller is forced to cancel the event, ticket-holders will be allowed to reschedule to another time (subject to availability) or offered a refund.
  • ACTIVITY TAKES PLACE OUTDOORS: Dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Passes are accepted for this tour.

Rescheduling Policy

  • We understand that your plans sometimes change. That is why we try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible with our Flexible Reschedule Policy.
  • Free Rescheduling Anytime: Reschedule your tour anytime without penalty even if you missed the tour.
  • Refund after rescheduling: Once you have been rescheduled, there can be no refunds if you decide not to take the tour.
  • Passes: For pass holders, you can always reschedule as long as your pass is valid for the day of the tour. If your pass is no longer valid on your rescheduled tour date, you’ll be charged for the full amount of the tour.

GPS: 40.7066478,-74.0110205

By Subway:

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to Wall Street station

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Broad Street station

By Car: Click here to view a map of nearby paid parking spaces. Not recommended due to unpredictable traffic which may cause you to miss the tour.

Tour Bus Loading/ Unloading and Parking: Click here for a list of DOT’s authorized bus layover locations.

Tour Ends: Battery Park

visit the 9/11 memorial
Federal hall in nyc
Tour of new york
Trinity church nyc

Visit historical landmarks including Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange, and the House of Morgan. Pose for a photo with the famous Charging Bull, a powerful symbol of our economy. Examine subtle scars in a granite wall, the only reminders of the first terrorist attack in New York, carried out by horse-drawn cart.

Contemplate the solemn quiet of Trinity Church, burial place of American giants like Alexander Hamilton, and located in the former shadow of the Twin Towers. Pay your respects to those lost on 9/11 beside the flowing waters of Reflecting Absence, breath-taking fountains built in the footprints of the Twin Towers. Hear heroic tales of firefighters and first responders who struggled to save as many as they could. Marvel at the majestic height of One World Trade, symbolically rising from the ashes to represent the unwavering human spirit.

"My husband and I went on this tour two weeks ago. We are still reminiscing!"

Conclude your tour with a visit to Battery Park through the Canyon of Heroes, birthplace of the “ticker-tape parade”. Listen to stories of immigrants arriving in New York, seeking a better life. At the end of your tour, gaze over the waters of the bay and share what they first saw, the Statue of Liberty raising her lamp beside the golden shore.

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